Thursday, February 20, 2014


This blog has been receiving replies that have been inappropriate as of late. The most recent reply advertised several sexual-oriented Web sites. I do not tolerate posts that promote sexual-oriented Web sites; these kind of sites, in general, sicken the primary audience for this blog (transgender women). Anyone who posts such links will have their post deleted upon discovery.

This blog also does not tolerate notes from people who are attempting to evangelize the transgender community into fundamentalist Christianity. This blog has also received posts from people who are trying to convert our fans to fundamentalist Christianity. As a former member of a fundamentalist denomination, their evangelization techniques are similar to the brainwashing techniques that were used by the Nazis in Germany during World War II or the North Koreans in today's world. Anyone who posts notes attempting to evangelize the transgender community, especially against their TG brothers and sisters, will have their posts deleted.

Thanks for your cooperation...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Model Daughter Jenny